My Vision

Rupert Jones vision

Sound-visions, are instrumental in and to life.

Sounds are all around us, but sometimes, silence is preferable, 
-and perhaps, better than sound.

Vision can come to us, at any time,
-but more-so, in exceptional moments,
of revelation, enlightenment and spirituality.

Music is instrumental in and to, the creation of itself and instruments are essential, for its own continued existence, effect and enjoyment.

The core content of this site will centre around these words. But there will also be discussion and dialogue, around and about, offshoot-words:

Christianity and its truths,

Buddhism and its tools,

Spirituality, its meaning and effect,

Therapy-Counselling and psycho-spiritual integration.

Health, illness and healing,

‘normality’ and sanity, madness and life, dreams and death,

Culture, culture and Kultur,

Art and The Arts,

literature, language, letters, diaries and dramas,

Music, its music, methods, moods, motivations and meanings.

The Piano and its music, its teaching, technique, practise, style and its performance.

Drawing Rupert Jones