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Rupert Jones


Rupert Jones brings a wide experience and an eclectic mix to his teaching.

Studying and working with a variety of teachers and musicians
– many of whom German and Austrian emigres from 1930s Europe and destined to become some of the most important and inspiring teachers of the latter half of the 20th century –
he was perhaps uniquely placed, to receive teaching, technique, style and musicianship, in two disciplines, from that golden age of musicians:

The technique and style of three schools of playing:
-Matthay, Leschetizky and the Paris Conservatoire.


Style and technique, gained working as an accompanist and assistant.

Following a music scholarship to The King’s School Canterbury, Rupert embarked on four years of study at the Guildford School of Music and Drama, eventually specialising in piano accompaniment and vocal training.
Further private studies followed in London, Paris, Vienna, and in Italy, at the Centro Studi Italiani for Italian Music, Language and Culture.
Rupert has travelled widely in Europe and the Far East.
As a performer and teacher he has attended and presented many masterclasses, festivals, conferences and courses.

After nearly 50 years of study, performance and teaching Rupert suffered a hand injury, and as a result withdrew completely from the extraversions of public performance, to spend time, in the introversions of personal development.

Six years of counselling and psychotherapy followed.

Drawing on knowledge and experience gained in both the theatre and the therapy room, and backed up with research, reading and study
– employing disciplines such as ‘Inner Game’ concepts, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and a range of body work therapies and alternatives –                and believing that music is inherent in all, he encourages all learners, to start their personal wide-ranging and life-long journey of cultural discovery, from a position of self-appraisal. Students address and integrate their questions and concerns as to the requirement, form and content,
– the ‘how’, of their goal –
before they begin to clearly understand and commence, their own unique and exciting learning journeys,
-the ‘what’, of their goal.

With this in mind, and following a collaborative approach, Rupert seeks to offer personal development through a thorough musical learning experience.

Rupert Jones

Rupert Jones